Guided Walking History Tour

of Traverse City

Now in our 4th year!

Guide Posts - Wednesday June 26

We were rained out on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday we had great weather.  Thanks to everyone for coming  on our tour!

Guide Posts - Wednesday July  17

Wow!  Despite the hottest day so far this season - almost 92 and humid - we had a dozen folks from all over the Midwest join us.  My hat's off to you all! (then right back on of course)

Guide Posts - Tuesday, June 18.

We have an expression. One or a dozen - we always have a tour.  We were fortunate to have Phyllis from Los Angeles, here for a business conference .  We were honored that she chose our tour to fill a short "free-time" work break.  We don't discuss personal details, but lets just say Phyllis is a highly regarded individual in the energy sector and she loved visiting Traverse City!

Guide Posts - Sunday June 9th

We were honored to conduct a walking tour for a group of international tour guides from China.  They 're learning about Michigan from the fine folks that bring you the Pure Michigan Campaign.  Thanks for visiting TC!


Guide Posts - Saturday June 8th

A special Saturday tour by request.  Thanks to Mariana and friends for enjoying this spectacular June afternoon together.

Guide Posts - Thursday June 7th

Our Tuesday group was big for this early in the season.  Thanks for joining us.

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